Sale alert! Captain of the Guard audiobook

To celebrate the release of the series, Tantor Audio is offerding a great discount on Captain of the Guard through their audiobook platform,

You can purchase your own copy with a 50% discount (woot!). If you like the platform and would like to enjoy the rest of the series for free, you can do that as well by signing up for a free trial (ideally after you get Captain of the Guard at a discount) and then claiming books 2 through 4 with your 3 welcome credits.

If you’d rather not take advantage of the sale and jump straight to the trial, that’s fine as well, but then you’ll have to stick around one paid month to renew your credits and claim book 4, OR you’ll have to purchase it without the offer (see why I said it was best to buy Captain of the Guard first?)

Dan Calley does an amazing job bringing the characters to life. I’ll tell you, when I listened to him reading THAT final scene, I got goosebumps (and I had written it). I hope you’ll enjoy his performance as much as I do.

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