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Born in Europe, raised on classic fantasy and medieval battle tactics, and inspired by both legendary knights and historical kings, Ron C. Nieto believes that life is a chain of adventures and that everything worth doing must be done with passion.


After turning down a career in the corporate world, Ron writes fantasy books full of intrigue and action about true leaders and unlikely heroes who triumph in a grim, perilous world because they do the right thing. For a given definition of “right,” anyway.


When not writing, Ron enjoys tabletop role-play gaming (both D&D and Zweihander), racquet sports (which are a lot closer to swinging a sword than most people realize), and spending way too much time world-building and doing book research.

Work in progress

Ruler of Kings: Drafting
New seriess: Planning

No, this isn’t updated every day. But it’s updated often enough, and yes, it serves as a reminder to keep Ron hard at work. 

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 There was always a choice. Between acting or not, between doing the right thing or the easy thing.

-Captain of the Guard (The Second Son, Book 1)

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