Shield of the throne

A kingdom divided will fall...

Half the lords of the realm want to kill him, the other half to control him. Oren Trevaine has a weak grasp on the throne, and neighboring Mirdon will march across the border if they learn how close his crown is to toppling.

Oren needs to unite his land before the enemy moves against him, and his gambit uncovers a prophecy that threatens all he’s ever believed. Ideals shatter against reality, every friend has an ulterior motive, and the answer his father’s staunchest rival offers would coat his rule in innocent blood.

When the last hope for peace burns to the ground, Oren must rise against destiny to take the reins of his own fate. If he fails, he will rule a kingdom of death and ash…

If you like the grimness of John Gwynne’s Of Blood and Bone Trilogy, and the twists of James Islington’s Licanius TrilogyShield of the Throne will be your next favorite read.

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Threat of war, political unrest, and the possibility of further betrayal all hung in the air… and the Court, ever-hungry monster that it was, required the king’s attention to be fixed on a ball.

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