Heir to the crown

The crown will take everything from him…

Forced to face his past, Oren Trevaine must return to the king’s court and hope his victories as Lord Captain of the Mountain Guard will be enough to cleanse his name. But the Iron Castle isn’t the place he remembers, and its twisted intrigues have turned deadlier than ever.

When tragedy strikes, every whisper is quick to point to Oren. Who else had means and motive to cast the Westmerian crown into murderous chaos?

While the people call for blood and the lords sharpen the executioner’s blade, Oren must find the real betrayer… or his failure will cost more than his honor and life.

It will plunge the kingdom into the darkest war.

If you like Anthony Ryan’s A Raven’s Shadow and Ryan Cahill’s The Bound and the Broken, Heir to the Crown will be your next favorite read.

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There was no peace at court, no privacy, no solitude, and no fresh air bringing the crisp smell of snow on its wings. He had allowed himself to forget that.

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