Blade of the realm

The King of Fire and Blood will rise...

The largest port city of the realm has fallen, and as Oren Trevaine retreats to his capital, he must accept his greatest stronghold has become a deadly trap. With no means to tell friend from foe and the lure of the prophecy finding adepts everywhere, he knows he will die with a knife between his ribs if he survives the upcoming war.

But survive he must, because Westmere will shatter with the death of an heirless king—and Oren will risk everything for his kingdom, even if that means negotiating with an enemy eager for revenge.

When the hand behind the prophecy is that of a power-hungry conqueror weaving a trap, not just for Oren but for Westmere itself, the only way for him to escape destiny might be burning fate itself to the ground…

If you like the action of Django Wexler’s The Shadow Campaigns, and the high stakes of Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations, Blade of the Realm will be your next favorite read.

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Blade of the Realm book cover
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The Iron Castle. Never breached, never fallen. A bulwark for the realm, unconquerable.

Inescapable as well. Its thick walls closed in, as effective at keeping the enemy within as without, and Oren couldn’t breathe.

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